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Audi TT Roadster Car Leasing

Personal and Business Contract Hire

The Best Audi TT Roadster leasing deals are available on both Business and Personal Contract Hire.

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The TT is really refined by convertible standards. Wind noise is noticeable but well suppressed, even at motorway speeds, and tyre noise is a distant burr. Every model gets an adaptive exhaust, which lets you enjoy the rasp if you want or turn it down to an easily ignored hum. The six-speed manual gearbox has a slightly long action that feels odd for a sporty convertible, but the shift is positive and light. The optional S tronic automatic 'box is slick, but the manual is still more engaging. The party-piece of the TT Roadster is, of course, the folding fabric roof. It can be operated at speeds up to 30mph and takes 10 seconds. Audi elected not to install a multi-piece metal roof in order to keep the proportions correct and the weight down – which means less to go wrong, but poorer security when parked up. Refinement with the roof down is good even at high speeds, with little in the way of buffeting thanks in part to an optional retractable wind break that keeps turbulence from forming behind the seats. For those cool but dry days buyers can specify a pack that includes heated seats and ventilation that blows warm air on the your neck.

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