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Car Leasing Finance options

for Business, Company, Private and Personal users

See below information on the various car leasing finance options. As you can see there are a number of ways in which we can arrange finance for your car leasing contract. We understand that purchasing a car is a big investment so you can rest assured that we will advise and recommend the most suitable package for you during the car leasing quotation process.

Contract Hire

This form of funding allows you to run your vehicles for a fixed monthly cost. By using Contract Hire the cost of your vehicle is removed from the companies balance sheet, thus freeing up capital.

Features & Benefits:

Personal Contract Hire

This is ideal for private individuals who are opting out of a company car. It is basically a funding method where the customer pays an initialdeposit (usually 3x monthly payments) and then pays a monthly rental based on the mileage to be covered per annum. At the end of the term the customer returns the vehicle and takes out a new agreement. By the funder using the benefit of the vehicles future value the payments are made a lot more affordable than traditional hire purchase. This can also be complimented by a maintenance option, thus giving fixed cost motoring.

Features & Benefits: