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With its progressive design, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class manages the fine balance between being both robust and stylish. As such, it brings a wind of change to the mid-size pickup segment, opening it up to new customer groups. The X-Class embodies the new and enhanced Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity. Its purist design emphasises the surfaces and features stripped-down, extremely precise design elements to create an emotive, elongated silhouette packed with dynamic energy - and almost unlimited functionality. In order to serve the needs of different customer groups effectively, there are three design and equipment lines to choose from. These vary in terms of design and scope of functions: the PURE variant is designed for conventional use as a rugged pickup, the PROGRESSIVE meets higher requirements in terms of quality feel and comfort, and the POWER is the high-end variant for urban lifestyles.

The X-Class's design draws attention to the basic virtues of a pickup - robustness, strength and off-road capability - in an emotionally appealing way. Even the dimensions themselves exude effortless superiority with a length of 5340 millimetres, a width of 1920 millimetres (excluding the outside mirrors) and a height of 1819 millimetres. Both physically imposing and hardworking, the X-Class can haul a payload of up to 1.1 tonnes. That is enough to transport 17 full 50-litre barrels of beer in the cargo area. Able to tow up to 3.5 tonnes, it can pull a trailer containing three horses or an eight-metre yacht. 

Thanks to its long 3150-millimetre wheelbase, the short and cladded front overhang, the backward shifted passenger compartment and the very long rear overhang, the pickup has an elongated vehicle body which exudes pure dynamism. The design of the side windows with their dynamic kink along the beltline and taut lines contrasting with muscular, sculpted surfaces also allude to the longitudinal dynamics. Widely flared wheel arches, the commanding front and the purist design of the rear all accentuate the impression of width. Together they give the pickup a powerful on-road presence and make reference to the X-Class's excellent lateral dynamics.

Powerful and commanding front with three different characters

The front has the masterful looks of one of the brand's typical SUVs - with the centrally positioned star, twin-louvre radiator grille, high and powerfully honed bonnet and the headlamps extending far into the wings. The front apron emphasises width and has its own distinct character depending on the chosen design and equipment line. In the PURE basic variant it is unpainted and thus shock and scratch resistant. With the PROGRESSIVE design and equipment line it is painted in the vehicle colour. The POWER high-end variant likewise has a bumper painted in the vehicle colour and also comes with a chromed underbody panelling.

The headlamps with their design idiom, clearly defined contours and high-quality modelled details are another compelling visual feature. The POWER line is equipped with LED High Performance headlamps as standard. Besides their striking look with the brand's hallmark torch effect, they provide extra safety at night and in poor weather conditions. The headlamp unit also contains LED side lights and daytime running lights. High beam on the inside works using a reflector system and low beam on the outside uses projector-beam technology.

Rounding off the unmistakeable face of the Mercedes-Benz pickup are two standard-fit fog lamps in the front apron, which blend in harmoniously in the overall front design.

Purist design for the rear with bumper including step as standard

Like the front apron, the rear bumper also varies depending on the selected design and equipment line: it is painted black for the PURE line and in the vehicle colour for the PROGRESSIVE line. The POWER line has a chromed bumper for a particularly classy look. To conveniently access the cargo area for loading and unloading, the bumper has an integral step. If the standard 90-degree tailgate opening is not adequate, as an option the X-Class can be ordered without the rear bumper. Then the tailgate opens to 180 degrees.

In terms of width, the load bed is designed in such a way that a Euro-pallet can be loaded straight between the wheel arches. The X-Class is the only mid-size pickup to be equipped with lighting in the cargo area as standard. The third brake light contains LED lights which illuminate the whole load bed. Operation is by a switch in the centre console. As soon as the ignition is switched on, those lights turn off automatically. A 12-volt socket to power additional equipment such as compressors, for example, is also part of the standard equipment in the load bed. 

Available as an option for the PROGRESSIVE and POWER lines, the COMAND Online system is the top-end multimedia offering. It features numerous extra functions, hard-disk navigation with 3D map display, useful apps and an additional Bluetooth® profile which enables internet access via smartphone. COMAND Online is operated using the touchpad, the COMAND Controller or the LINGUATRONIC voice control system.

Internet access provides substantial added benefit: customers can either browse freely when the vehicle is stationary or call up a Mercedes-Benz app with pages that load extremely quickly. Integral apps include local search, weather, TuneIn internet radio and Send-to-Car. The Send-to-Car app makes it possible to accept navigation destinations sent from a mobile device directly into the navigation system.

Thanks to the LINGUATRONIC voice control system the audio, telephone and navigation can be operated conveniently without the driver having to take their hands off the steering wheel. The one shot input function for the navigation system is particularly convenient, allowing the place and road to be spoken directly after one another. This function is currently available in 12 languages and significantly enhances ease of operation. With COMAND Online and LINGUATRONIC, music can also be easily searched for using voice control. The system first asks in which category it should conduct the search (artist, title, year). The category is selected by saying it or by saying the row number of the relevant category which appears on the screen. This is then followed by further questions about title, artist or album.

Digital radio is available as an option in conjunction with the COMAND Online and Audio 20 CD systems. It is impressive for the broad choice of radio stations using the DAB and DAB+ standard, good reception and exceptional surround sound. If a digital signal cannot be received for some reason, the system will switch automatically to analogue mode.

Live Traffic Information for the first time: go ahead and beat the traffic

The X-Class is the first pickup with Live Traffic Information. In conjunction with an account on the Mercedes me portal, COMAND Online receives traffic information in the vehicle in real time within Europe. The COMAND Online navigation system can show the beginning and length of a traffic jam on a map to within 100 metres of the exact position and compute a dynamic route with shorter travel times. The potential loss of time is taken into account automatically in real time for the arrival time displayed by COMAND Online navigation. The system also provides a 3D view with three-dimensional urban models, making orientation in unfamiliar city centres easier. Moreover, special personal destinations can be saved or imported via SD card, and four alternate routes can be displayed on the navigation map, one of them a particularly economical variation.

In conjunction with the optional Garmin® MAP PILOT system, in most European countries the Audio 20 CD also becomes a fully-fledged navigation system with Live Traffic Information. With both systems, X-Class drivers benefit from early information about disturbances such as traffic jams, increased traffic volumes or other possible delays along the route, allowing them to adjust their route planning in good time. The relevant pre-installation for the Garmin® MAP PILOT is likewise available as an option.

Mercedes me connect: stay connected with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class via smartphone

In conjunction with a Mercedes me account, X-Class drivers in 21 European markets benefit from extensive Mercedes me connect services which make everyday life easier. Conveniently, these can be configured and managed from home via the Mercedes me portal or the Mercedes me app. The spectrum ranges from the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system and various standard services through to special services which enable X-Class drivers to connect with their pickup at any time via smartphone.

Thus, use of the Mercedes me app makes complete door-to-door navigation possible for instance. The smartphone or the smartwatch will in a first step display walking directions to the X-Class. On arrival at the vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz COMAND Online system will import the navigation data and calculate the appropriate route as soon as the engine starts. When the X-Class is parked close to the destination, COMAND Online passes the walking directions to the mobile device for navigating the final metres. The smartphone or smartwatch will then guide the driver of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class directly to their destination.

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