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VW Touareg Car Leasing

Personal and Business Contract Hire

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VW Touareg R LINE PLUS 3.0TDi Automatic

Business £325.00 exc VAT Personal £390.00 inc VAT

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VW Touareg ESCAPE V6TDi 262ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic
VW Touareg R-LINE PLUS V6TDi 262ps SCR BMT 8 speed Autom
VW Touareg R-LINE V6TDi 204ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic
VW Touareg R-LINE V6TDi 204ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic
VW Touareg R-LINE V6TDi 262ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic
VW Touareg SE V6TDi 204ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic
VW Touareg SE V6TDi 262ps SCR BMT 8 speed Automatic

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*Exc VAT prices are for Business customers only. Inc VAT prices are for Personal customers only.

The Best VW Touareg leasing deals are available on both Business and Personal Contract Hire.

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The first Volkswagen Touareg built up a reputation as strong but refined 4x4 that was also genuinely capable in proper off-road situations - something which can't be said for many new 4x4s on the market. This second generation Volkswagen Touareg builds on that with considerable improvements all round, including the introduction of a hybrid engine - the first time this has even been seen on a Volkswagen.

The hybrid model uses a supercharged 3.0-litre engine along with an electric motor, which combined deliver an impressive 380PS. At slow speeds it can run purely on electric mode, while the electric motor can also boost the petrol engine when accelerating. This means CO2 emissions are far lower than a similar-powered conventional petrol engine, while economy is better too. Most people choose the excellent 3.0 TDI and it's the engine best suited to the Touareg with good pulling power, a smooth nature and economy of 38.1mpg. There's also a 4.2-litre V8 diesel which is thunderously fast. While on the outside this Touareg may not look radically different from the previous model, inside it's a very different story. The cabin has been given a major upgrade and feels far more upmarket with a modern luxury-car appearance plus superb fit and finish. As before, the Touareg is a great all-rounder that's as happy towing a horse box as it is cruising on the motorway. It also handles amazingly well for what is a large vehicle and feels agile on corners without too much body roll.

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